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Fine Swiss Watch Repair
Our Watch Repair Process

Every one of the Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Omega, Breitling, and Audemars Piguet watches that we take in are meticulously restored to perfection by our watch specialists, to ensure years of faithful service with normal care and maintenance.

First, each watch goes through our rigorous 86-step inspection and restoration process. We are so confident in the quality of the timepieces we service that we proudly offer our exclusive 12 month warranty on all watches.

After being fully restored, all watch cases and


bracelets are finely polished to remove any surface scratches and to restore each piece to its original luster. When a watch leaves Klos Diamond Center (whether the watch is 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years old) it is in pristine condition.

Repairing Swiss Timepieces

All luxury timepieces must undergo routine maintenance and servicing at one point. The oils used for lubrication inside the movement have a life expectancy of only 3 to 4 years. Once the oils begins to break down, moving parts fall victim to the effects of friction and can cause key components to degrade, aging prematurely and affecting the accuracy of the timepiece. We will give you a complete estimate before beginning any work, after approval the turn around time is usually 3 weeks. Once the timepiece has been cleaned inside and out we will offer a 1 year warranty.


Routine service includes...

Complete disassembly of the watch, cleaned, oiled, and timed using state of the art equipment.

Clean all moving parts with specialized cleaning solvents.

Proper lubrication with only the highest grade lubricants and oils during the reassembly process.

Thorough testing of accuracy. Your watch is tested to our exacting standards over a period of 72 hours to assure accuracy, water resistance, and proper operation of all functionality.

Optional Services...

Optional restorative services include:

Klos Diamond Center offers a wide array of restoration services and upgrades. Whether you are looking to perform routine maintenance or complete restoration of a vintage timepiece, Klos Diamond Center is committed to your complete satisfaction.

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